Friday, March 13, 2015

10 Beliefs about Forgiveness & Reconciliation


In a previous post (20 February), I reported the results from two studies, which examined some nuances about forgiveness and reconciliation. This weekend, I follow up on that post with an additional set of 5 beliefs.

As you study the questions, I hope you find the variations a useful starting point for considering the topic of forgiveness and reconciliation in more depth.

As before, I will list the belief statement so you can think about your own opinion. Then I will post the response of the sample at the bottom of this blog post.


I will use the numbers 6-10 as a reminder that this is  Part 2 of 2 Parts. Please see the February 20 post for Part 1.

6. It is easier to forgive a friend or family member than a stranger for the same offense.

7. People need to admit what they have done and change before you forgive them.

8. If someone lost their job or position of leadership because of wrongdoing, then forgiveness means 
they must be restored to their former position.

9. People must forgive others in order to obtain God’s forgiveness.

10. If you forgive someone it means you start trusting them again.

Here are the findings from the two samples.

The numbers and text at the left refer to the questions above. Ignore the numbers on the slide, which were from the presentation. A link below takes you to the presentation.

6. Forgiving a friend

7. Admitting to wrong doing

8. Forgiving and restoring

9. Forgiving others and God's forgiveness

10.  Forgiving and trusting

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Allman, J. Sutton &  G. W., (2009, April). Forgiveness, reconciliation, and spirituality: empirical findings regarding conceptual differences. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, International Conference, Orlando, FL.

You will find details about the sample and other questions in our presentation.

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