Wednesday, July 1, 2020

White Evangelical Politics -- Survey July 2020

Support for president Trump remains high among white American evangelicals as 72% approve of the way the president is handling the job. The figure has dropped from the 78% mark in April.
The survey was conducted by Pew Research in June 2020.

The survey details reveal a stark religious-racial divide for president job approval ratings: White evangelicals at  72% compared to Black Protestants at 12%.

If white evangelicals control the 2020 election, the president would win--82% of registered white evangelical voters will vote (or lean toward voting) for the president. Only 17% support Joe Biden.

It is not just white evangelicals who support the president. A slim majority of nonevangelical white Protestants (56%) and Catholics (54%) also give a thumbs up job approval. Biden isn't doing well among these groups.

See the breakdown by religion and candidate in the Table below. See Pew Research for details of this and other findings.

Pew survey June 16-22 2020

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