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Republican Culture 2016

Select concepts by Frequency- See below

 What Do Republicans Want?

The official U.S. Republican party platform for 2016 is available. The 66-page document outlines their vision and offers identified issues and plans for change. Find the Table of Contents on page iii, which lists six major headings.

1. Restoring the American Dream p.1.
Economic ideas come first with comments on taxes and jobs along with investments.

2. A Rebirth of Constitutional Government p.9.
There are traditional Republican concerns about constitutional rights and limitations on the roles of leaders such as the president and judges.

They speak out for traditional marriage and state: “We condemn the Supreme Court’s ruling in the United States v. Windsor, which wrongly removed the ability of Congress to define marriage in federal law (p. 11).” They also condemn the Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges.

Next, Republicans affirm First Amendment rights of religious liberty. An early focus is on the rights of conscience. Related concerns are protecting the tax-exempt status of religious organizations and the freedom of people to conduct business according to their religious beliefs. Also supported is the public display of the Ten Commandments.

Freedom of Speech is to be protected including freedom from being forced to support candidates through union dues. Support for the second Amendment is noted along with a reference to self-defense as a “God-given right.” In reference to the Fourth Amendment, there is a call for limitations on surveillance.

The protection of human life is tied to the Fifth Amendment. Specifically, the claim is “the unborn child has a fundamental right to life.” Other comments focus on protecting other rights linked to the Fifth Amendment such as property rights. There is a focus on the rights of States and individual liberties, including voting rights. They voice objection to abolishing the electoral college in favor of a popular vote.

3. America’s Natural Resources 17.

The plank offers support for energy exploration, use of public lands for activities such as hunting and fishing. They demand a halt to funding of the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change.

4. Government Reform p. 23.

First is a call for a balanced budget amendment. Medicare and Medicaid are used by over 100 million Americans and should be preserved. Medicare reform options focus on those younger than age 55. Medicaid should be managed by the States. Options are to be considered for Social Security. Additional sections focus on freedom of the internet and immigration control, including building a wall along the southern border.

5. Great American families p. 31.

The plank focuses on the importance of marriage and families to society. Statements oppose cohabitation and state the importance of marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

Several comments focus on education—supporting parent rights and merit-based rather than tenure tracks for teachers. Educational choice is supported, including parochial schools. Republicans oppose interpreting Title IX to include sexual orientation as a sex discrimination issue. They condemn BDS and advocate for free speech on campuses. Also they believe “The federal government should not be in the business of originating student loans (p. 35).”

On healthcare—repeal Obamacare. Ideas for health care changes include increasing options and reducing mandates as well as giving more control to states. They advocate transparency in pricing and home care for seniors. The paragraphs in this subsection also affirm the protection of individual conscience including respect for religious beliefs. Also, reforms are needed in medical malpractice lawsuits. A focus is on reforming the FDA and advancing the well-being of people with disabilities.

On criminal justice, two problems need to be addressed: over-criminalization and over-federalization. Other comments note the legalization of marijuana despite federal law and a plan to limit opioid prescriptions.

6. America Resurgent p. 41.

A strong military is the “first order of business.” A general goal is “rebuilding the U.S. military into the strongest on earth, with vast superiority over any other nation or groups of nations in the world (p. 41).” Support for the troops includes several provisions for those in service and their families along with an increase in the number of chaplains. They oppose banning Bibles and religious symbols.

The party affirms support for Israel and the Kurdish people. Other comments address Asia, Europe, and Africa. They respect the decision of the UK and the special relationship. Support for NATO remains. Support for the Americans is also noted, especially for neighbors. The opening to Cuba is labeled a “shameful accommodation to the demands of its tyrants (p. 50).” Reforms are called for in the U.N. They are opposed to several positions of the U.N.

Search Term Frequency

One way to consider the concerns of authors is to examine the concepts by searching for key words. I used the search tool in Adobe Reader to identify a few examples. In some cases, I searched both the singular and plural use of a term. My focus is generally on culture but I also looked at international issues.

If you calculate terms differently, please post corrections because I want to provide only accurate information. Also, if you include additional calculations for other terms, please post those too.

Religion and Religious Freedom

God 15
Conscience 10
God-given 9
Christian or Christians 8
Religion 5
Muslims 1 (Muslim 0)
Jewish 1
Hindu, Buddhist 0

Economic 57 + economy 52 = 109
Tax 45 + taxes 3 = 48
Market 27 + Markets 18 = 45
Property 27
Wages 4

Defense and Safety Issues
Military 54
Border 7 + borders 10 = 17
Gun/ guns 7+1 = 8
 Police 3

Obama 11
Clinton 5
Bush 1
Trump 0

International Issues/ Sample of Countries
China 18
Israel 16
Russia 9
Mexico 4
Iran 4
Canada 3
India 1
United Kingdom 1
Palestine 0

Social and Cultural
Rights 84
Healthcare 35
Criminal 19 + crime 11 = 30
Abortion 27
Drug 14 + drugs 9 = 23
Disabilities 15, Disabled 1, disability 3 = 19
Marriage 19
Sex 6 + sexual 7 = 13
Immigration 12
Judge 3 + judges 7 = 10
Gun/ guns 7+1 = 8
Adoption related to children = 4
Race 2+ racism 1 + racist 0 = 3
Worship 3
Violence 3
Pornography 2
Rape 0
Divorce 0

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